Boomerang Kids…sober and skinny!


Well, the hubs and I had “the talk” last night. That one that lot of twenty-something’s have, especially ones who are buckling down about their finances.

The kids talk?

The sell-the-house talk?

The consolidate-our-loans talk?

The what-are-we-doing-with-our-lives talk?

Nope, it was the time to address our spending on food and alcohol talk. Womp Wompppp. We, like most people our age, knew we spent quite a bit out to eat and on IPAs. Happy hour – it’s how we spend time with our friends. A six pack and steaks on the grill – it’s how we reward ourselves after a long Saturday working on projects. Take out and a bottle of cabernet – it’s how we decompress after a stressful day at work. Luckily, BG is an amazing cook, so we likely average a lot less at restaurants than a lot of our friends, but still, looking at our averages the last couple months was eye-opening.

The conversation stemmed from frustration as we looked at our debt repayment numbers for the month, which is another post in itself. I have always been the one to track our money and handle the bills, but the hubs asked about our debt progress and wanted to understand why I was so bummed about this past month. As I broke down our income versus fixed expenses for him, his immediate response was, “what happens to the rest of our money?!”

Great question.

I knew the answer, but hated to say it out loud. We were eating and drinking it! Sure, we had some one-time expenses this month that hadn’t been accounted for, and certainly made a dent in the would-be loan payment. But if we were being honest with ourselves, we had to look at the glaring numbers associated with food and drink. Our bar tabs and Subway stops were nickel and diming our discretionary income to nothing.

It was a tough conversation to have. We are both incredibly extroverted people who get their energy from spending time with friends and family. Yummy food and good wine is a part of how we connect as a couple and how we love on those close to us. The thought of cutting our Thursday dinners with siblings and Sunday brunches after church was discouraging, especially as we choose to live in the basement and don’t have a house to host at.

More discouraging, however, would be another month with such dismal payments made to freakin’ Firstmark and American Express. We are committed to being Boomerang Kids until we’re debt free (excluding the mortgage), and if May-size payments continue, we should plan on living here until we’re expecting our first grandchild. Even with the awesome setup we have living here….YIKES!

So, bloggies, June is our first month we’re laying down the law on our F&A spending. Yes, it’s 1/3 over and we’ve already made some stupid decisions (last Saturday’s bachelor/bachelorette party, in particular), but that still leaves us 20 days to stop the hemorrhaging and redirect our funds away from our mouths! I’m excited to report back in July with improvements. Tonight is the first night in recent memory I don’t have a wine glass to wash out (judge away, this blog is anonymous!). I’ll admit I miss it, but it’s a couple bucks in the right direction. And as any PF enthusiast knows, a couple bucks in the right direction each day can snowball into something far bigger, and more beneficial, than skipping my evening glass (or 3) of cab.