Net Worth 4/2014

I realize I’m 10 days late on this, as the unspoken PF blog rule is to post your net worth updates on the first of each month. But hey – gotta start somewhere, right?

I’ve been debating what to include in our net worth. Do we list our home value estimate and what we owe on our mortgage? Do we list our retirement accounts? What about the savings account tied to Boomerang Guy’s business?

For now, because the goal of this blog is to document our student loan payoff journey, I’m sticking with our personal liquid assets and non-mortgage debt. So basically, I’m just telling you what’s in our checking account each month and where our loans sit. Transparent…yes. But hey! If you can’t trust the world wide web, who can you trust? I started tracking our loans in November 2012, so to give you some background of our last eighteen months, I’m including the first month I documented and the numbers as of April 1, 2014.

Any questions? Any feedback? Put it in the comments and I’ll address it in a future post!


ASSETS 1-Nov-12 1-Apr-14
Checking $2,832.88 500
Savings $804.57 1000
Total assets $3,637.45 $1,500.00
DEBTS 11/1/2012 4/1/2014
Car loan -$9,377.87 0
CC#1 -$721.02 0
CC#2 -$179.04 0
CC#3  0 -$1,200
CC#4 -$519.03 0
Great Lakes 1 -$3,889.00 -$2,039
Firstmark 1 -$3,373.86 -$2,551
Firstmark 2 -$4,538.64 -$3,544
Firstmark 3 -$5,650.64 -$4,452
Great Lakes/ACS -$6,728.30 -$5,626
Add rows as needed    
Total debts -$34,977.40 -$19,412.00
NET WORTH -$31,339.95 -$17,912.00
Starting debt -$60,000.00 -$60,000.00
Total debt paid off $25,022.60 $40,588.00

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