It’s official – Boomerang Kids

Well bloggies, our wordpress name is now accurate. We are officially moved into the rents’ basement.


First impressions?


Such a great space. Ideal for a studio apartment, really. It’s an L shape, with the carpeted living room area just off the stairs, and then the second half with hardwood floors and our bed snuggled up to the egress window. There’s a full bath (almost completed, ahem, right husband?), and a kitchenette with a sink, mini fridge, and room for a microwave/coffee pot/whatever appliances we can’t live without. Plus, the door down the stairs fully shuts, and locks, and provides plenty of privacy when needed.


I am so grateful! It’s a funny situation to be in; a couple in their late twenties, gainfully employed and averaging a higher than median annual income, moving BACK into the parents basement. However, as I spent this last weekend running errands and settling in, and not feeling burdened by the household chores to complete, I was just reminded of how blessed we are to have these people who love us in our lives. Plus, when we receive the renter’s check this week that covers our mortgage payment, I’m going to feel even MORE grateful. 

(I’m going to need you all to remind me of this ecstatic feeling shortly. I mean how long can it be until I want to do away with myself or my MIL?) 


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