Well internet, we’re doing it. We are going to be Boomerang Kids. We’re a married couple, 28 and 26 years old, and intentionally moving back in with the ‘rents. Not only just moving back home, but living in the basement. At least we don’t deliver pizzas for a living and play video games nonstop…

Not that delivering pizzas is a bad career. We love the service industry.
Here’s a quick intro to us:
Who: Midwest couple, married in 2011. She’s 26 and in sales, he’s 28 and self employed. High school sweethearts.
What: Moving into his parents’ basement.
Where: suburbs of a Midwest metropolitan area
When: soon. Hope to be moved in by April 1.
Why: Quick version…boomerang guy went to a private school and split tuition with his parents. Boomerang girl took out a $10k car loan in 2012 when her beloved ’91 Acura Legend died. They had a mortgage (another story) and realized they were losing ground.
Thanks for following! We’re looking forward to being a part of the PF community.

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