Why Boomerang Kids?

Hey, bloggies.

Boomerang Girl here. I suppose the phrase “boomerang kids” is fairly well known, but I thought I’d clarify why I chose to go with this title. About nine months ago Boomerang Guy and I signed up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through a local church. We felt like we were fairly on track with our finances, but we had a heavy student debt load, mortgage, and we were in the first few months of starting a business. It seemed foolish to pass up the opportunity to formally learn about financial management.

Dave Ramsey has a following of millions, and plenty of people who love to bash him. While I wouldn’t say we agree with 100% of his message, we were really grateful that for his knowledge and ministry and the conversations that class prompted. One of his token messages is mocking “boomerang kids”…children that leave the home, but end up circling back around and moving back in. He cautions parents to teach their children about finances from a young age, or else they will end up boomeranging back home.

In our case, Boomerang Guy’s parents are more than thrilled to offer us their basement. Not only do they have more than enough room, but they are so happy that we are making some harder decisions now to set ourselves up financially in the future. My mother in law is especially excited – I’m semi concerned she is going to actually pee her pants with excitement to have her son back in the house.

A breakdown of what this will save us each month and how quickly we’ll get out of debt is another post, but trust me when I say that moving into the basement is the best financial decision we could make right now. Far from the typical adult child who moves home because they can’t support themselves, we are making plenty of money but are choosing to make some sacrifices for future gain.

So, tongue in cheek, we are proud to be Boomerang Kids.



Well internet, we’re doing it. We are going to beĀ Boomerang Kids. We’re a married couple, 28 and 26 years old, and intentionally moving back in with the ‘rents. Not only just moving back home, but living in the basement. At least we don’t deliver pizzas for a living and play video games nonstop…

Not that delivering pizzas is a bad career. We love the service industry.
Here’s a quick intro to us:
Who: Midwest couple, married in 2011. She’s 26 and in sales, he’s 28 and self employed. High school sweethearts.
What: Moving into his parents’ basement.
Where: suburbs of a Midwest metropolitan area
When: soon. Hope to be moved in by April 1.
Why: Quick version…boomerang guy went to a private school and split tuition with his parents. Boomerang girl took out a $10k car loan in 2012 when her beloved ’91 Acura Legend died. They had a mortgage (another story) and realized they were losing ground.
Thanks for following! We’re looking forward to being a part of the PF community.